New Zealand parliamentary trip to the islands. Three in the middle from left to right are Wilhelm Heinrich Solf, Honourable Charles Houghton Mills, Mata’afa Iosefo. New Zealand parliamentary trip to the islands. 1903, photographer unknown. Alexander Turnbull Library. PAColl-6001-45.

Entangled Islands  is the first in a series of ‘chapters’ about the New Zealand war experience over the coming years of the centenary.

On 29 August 1914, only three weeks after war began, New Zealand troops took over Sāmoa – then under German control. It was an event that would entangle New Zealand and Sāmoa together through bad times, and better ones.

New Zealand’s military occupation and subsequent control of Sāmoa (until it regained independence in 1962) left a lasting impact on the cultures of both Pacific nations. ‘Entangled Islands’ opens the door on a little-known part of our shared history.

Entangled Islands is an exhibition at the Auckland War Memorial Museum